Jefferson City police hope to get new bulletproof vests

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JEFFERSON CITY - A grant could help the Jefferson City Police Department buy new bulletproof vests. 

On Monday, the Jefferson City Council approved the Jefferson City Police Department's request to apply for the Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) Grant. 

The grant is a 50 percent matching program with the Department of Justice that could reimburse up to $11,475, or 50 percent, of the department's bulletproof vest purchases. The city would then have to match the amount, which would be paid by the police department's sales tax allocation. 

Captain Robert Clark said the grant benefits Jefferson City because it will help guarantee the safety of the officers working in the streets. 

The grant would be used to replace about 40 officers' bulletproof vests, which would cover about half of the department's police force. Clark also said the department replaces about 40 vests every five years, which is the life expectancy of the average bulletproof vest. 

Clark said these grants have been around for years and are usually used to help fund the department's bulletproof vest purchases. 

The police department's green light to apply for the grant does not mean the city is committed to accepting the funds and matching the amount awarded. If the city receives the grant, it will then accept the funds at a later meeting.