Jefferson City prepares for Missouri River to crest again

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Jefferson City - The National Weather Service is projecting the Missouri River at Jefferson City to crest by mid-week.

The current forecast has it cresting at 30 feet Wednesday afternoon and into Thursday. Jefferson City Public Works Director Britt Smith spoke with representatives from the National Weather Service who said with the current rain pattern, the flooding might be a "condition we have to endure for a while."

Smith said the city doesn't have to do much to prepare this time because not a lot has been moved since the previous flooding. 

He said the clean up efforts will continue through this, in particular at the airport.

"Our runways and taxiways are all currently now out of the water. We have a little bit more cleaning to do, and we're still hopeful that we'll be able to open for traffic in the near future. But we want to keep an eye on that river and make sure that we're not just finishing cleaning just in time for it to be covered with water again,” he said.

Smith said he's hoping the river will not reach the 30 foot range but said that would be more manageable than the previous 32.5 mark.

"Certainly it was a lot worse when we were talking about 32.5 feet than it is now with 30, and hopefully less. So we think we can handle those, but we are monitoring them and making sure we're trying to block off those areas that are prone for flooding prior to them becoming flooded,” he said.

Smith said he suggests residents on the west side of town keep their sandbags in place. 

“People need to make their own decision on this, but I wouldn't go very far with sandbags. It’s hard work making a sandbag and hauling it away just to bring it back,” he said.