Jefferson City Property Software

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City inspectors have issued more than 3,000 property violations so far in 2017, and a new software could help them to work more efficiently. 

Property violations can be anything from tall weeds to an excess amount of trash.

Currently, inspectors file property violations on a software that only runs on desktop computers. 

The new software would allow inspectors to work from mobile devices and tablets. 

"First thing is that it's portable. It can be on a mobile device whether it's a smartphone, iPad, a tablet, whatever. That way our inspectors can go out in the field, they can check violations, they can see who the owner is, they can update and hear back from the office all from the field," said Dave Hemlick, a Jefferson City property inspector. 

The new software would also allow Jefferson City residents to report property violations as well.

"Through that citizen portal, a citizen can go on to the city's website to put on a complaint or concern about their neighbor's property," said Hemlick.

Jefferson City inspectors pitched the idea of the new software during Monday night's city council meeting.

A decision will be made on whether or not to purchase the software in the beginning of November.