Jefferson City Public Schools administrators face pay freeze

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Public Schools Board of Education approved a preliminary 2017-18 budget that includes a pay freeze for administrators Monday night. 

The pay freeze would affect the central office administrators, which is comprised of 12 people. The superintendent, assistant superintendent directors and director of technology are among those administrators.

Jason Hoffman, Jefferson City Public Schools Chief Financial Officer, said the money saved from the pay freeze was triggered by the costs of the new high school and its faculty and staff, as well as general resources for the school district.

Hoffman said the pay freeze would save about $25,000. However, he said that money doesn’t come close to covering the schools’ needs.

Taxes would cover the rest of the costs, which includes construction of the new high school, operational costs of the school and other resources for the school district.

These propositions will be on the April 4 ballot.

“When we’re asking our patrons to pay more in taxes, it just didn’t seem like the right thing to be giving raises to our highest-paid administrators,” Hoffman said.

If the proposition is approved, $2 million worth of taxes would be dedicated to school resources per year.

The school district offers a preliminary budget at this time of year because teacher contracts must be finalized by April 15. The preliminary 2017-18 budget gives teachers and other staff members a 1.8 percent raise.

Hoffman said there are still a lot of variables that could change the budget. “The state hasn’t finalized their state budget, and we get a lot of funds from the state,” he said.

The budget will be finalized and submitted to the Board of Education for approval in June.