Jefferson City Public Schools face rising disciplinary issues

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City Public Schools reported higher numbers of disciplinary action this year than in previous years, a difference of more than 940 recorded actions taken.

According to a report from Brian Shindorf, chief of learning with JCPS, there were 2,099 reported cases of disciplinary action last school year. The number of cases for this year was 3,044.

Shindorf says it's hard to tell whether these numbers are good or bad for the future.

"Obviously we're not happy with this number of kids being sent to the office," Shindorf said. "So what we have to look at is what is the impact we can have on those students."

The study showed there was a high rate of in-school suspensions among the data for this year.

Shindorf says the plan moving forward is to step back and evaluate if there are current practices in place which aren't performing where they need to.

"We have the information that we need to really evaluate where we are as a district, and the services that we're providing our kids," Shindorf said.

"I mean, that's our goal is to get better."