Jefferson City ranks zero for municipal equality

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Human Rights Campaign annually releases an evaluation of municipalities across the country rating their effectiveness in establishing equality for persons in the LGBTQ community. Jefferson city scored a zero out of 100 possible points for this year's index.

Criteria like non-descrimination laws, municipality as employer, municipal services, law enforcement, and relationship with the LGBTQ community are all taken into consideration when determining the scores. Jefferson City satisfied none of these areas.

In 2016's index, Jefferson City only scored 12 points for the way law enforcement handled hate crimes in the area, according to the 2014 Hate Crime Statistics from the FBI. The index this year, however, used the 2015 Hate Crime Statistics from the FBI.

Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin said the city would have received a better score if it had submitted the survey.

"It is a self-reported questionaire so so we'll make sure that we fill it out so that we don't rank low because there are things that we are currently doing that are listed on the survey," Tergin said. "So we want to make sure that we document that since it is important."

The Municipal Equality indices can be found on the Human Rights Campaign's website. Jefferson City's individual score sheet can be found here.

Columbia scored 100 out of 100 on the same report this year.