Jefferson City Recycling Bins Removed

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JEFFERSON CITY - After a contract between the Jefferson City government and New World Recycling ended Friday, all nine of Jefferson City's recycling drop-off locations closed.

The last bins present were located at McKay Park, Memorial Park, City Hall, and Fire Stations 1, 2 and 5, due to be removed Friday.

New World Recycling did not renew the contract after the city filed complaints with New World for letting the bins get overfilled and for illegal dumping in the bins.

The city released an announcement more than a month ago about the recycling bin closures, but many people who used the bin near City Hall Friday had no idea the bins would be removed.

Larry Rusk works in an office across the street from the City Hall bin location. His office has a porch where he can sit outside, so he sees people drop off their recycling.

"I see people there - it's all the time. Two or three cars at a time a lot of times. In the evenings, it's - last night I was sitting here watching them. I couldn't tell you how many cars pulled up and put stuff in there," he said.

The city recommends residents inside the city limits use the curbside, single-stream recycling or use private recycling companies--including New World Recycling or competitor Federal Recycling.

Mandy Shanks, the business operations development manager for Jefferson City's Federal Recycling branch, said she expects an increase in the public using the recycling services at its location.

"I think that it will definitely impact our buy-back center some. We do offer a buy-back center where you can recycle commodities including cardboard," she said.

At a Public Works and Planning Committee in May, the city discussed a solution where Republic Services would have emptied the bins, but that solution was estimated to cost roughly $34,000.

KOMU 8 News reached out to New World Recycling and Jefferson City officials, but neither got back in touch regarding the bins' removal.