Jefferson City residents get to know mayoral candidates

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JEFFERSON CITY - Lincoln University hosted a forum on Tuesday night, giving the community a chance to learn more about candidates for mayor in the May election.

The six candidates for the mayoral position are: Richard Groner, Bob Scrivner, Leonard Steinman, Carrie Tergin, Roy Vlessman, and Edith Vogel.

The event, which was hosted by the Lincoln University Student Government Association, is one of numerous forums that give citizens and students the chance to become more educated voters.

"It's extremely important for the people of Jefferson City to see Lincoln university and to know that we make an impact on the community," SGA President Shameka Kelley said. 

The forum began by giving each candidate two minutes for an opening statement. This was followed by a list of questions given to the candidates ahead of time. Question topics varied from the mayor's role in city government to how the candidate would prepare the city budget.

The use of technology while in office was also a hot button topic, after a city commissioner in Jefferson City said he is not one who likes to use email. Many candidates agreed but said the use of email and social media is important to connect with those in the community.

When asked about email, Groner and Steinmann both said they are opposed to using email. Vogel said she is working on learning more about social media and how to effectively be interactive with the community. Scrivner, Tergin, and Vlessman all said they all actively use email and social media and feel it is an important tool while in office.

Candidates were also asked about the familiar issue of building a conference center in the area, an issues one attendee is ready to be done talking about.

"I just want to hear what the issues are for each candidate; however, I think the convention center is one I am tired of hearing about," Jefferson City resident Cheryl Hibbett said. 

Lincoln University will be hosting another forum next Tuesday where Public School Board of Education candidates will have the opportunity to speak to attendees.