Jefferson City Residents Will Decide on Transformation Tax

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City City Council voted unanimously to place the transformation sales tax on the February ballot in a regular meeting held Monday night.

Citizens in Jefferson City will decide whether to pass a half cent sales tax increase on the ballot.

Offcials say they want the transformation sales tax passed because it would play a important role in developing the city.

"It takes a lot of projects that have been talked about for a very long time in the community and finally put them on the table, provide the funding they need to be successful," said Ken Hussey, the co-chair of the Transformation Campaign Committe.

He also said it will help Jefferson city grow, attract mroe young talented professionals and improve the quality of the place.

If voters pass the transformation sales tax on the Feburary ballot, it could fund more than 30 new projects in Jefferson City and generate more than 41 million dollars over ten years. Hussey said every member in the community would benefit from passing the transformation sales tax.