Jefferson City Restaurants Make Menu Options Diabetic Friendly

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JEFFERSON CITY - November is National Diabetes month and Capital Region Medical Center has partnered with 10 local restaurants to make it easier for diabetics when ordering. Starting November 10, customers won't have guess their carbohydrate intake, because menus will have how many grams each entrée contains. "It's because our diabetics have a hard time guessing how much carbohydrates are in the foods they eat," Capitol Region diabetes educator Sarah Burbee said.

Burbee met with the 10 restaurants to go over their menus and conducted a nutritional analysis for each menu option. The menus are available upon request and will provide customers with carbohydrate counts for each dish. Angelina's Café is one of the restaurants coming out with a diabetic friendly menu. Manager Angela Christian said she thinks this will help all customers monitor their diets not just diabetics.

The participating restaurants include, Café Via Roma, Angelina's Café, Grand Café, Johnny's Pizza, Rita's Restaurant, Butch's BBQ, Boulevard Café, Vitality Café, Paddy Malone's and Domenico's.

 Capitol Region Medical Center is also providing 3-week diabetes education classes that Christian is enrolled in. Burbee said only 8 percent of diabetics get educated on how to properly manage their diabetes."We are trying to help them understand the things you do such as monitoring your blood sugar. Help them learn how to manage diabetes themselves, so they know what to do at home and have better results and fewer complications," Burbee said.

Christian and her husband are diabetic and she said the education classes are a big help. She now takes her 17 year old daughter to classes, because her daughter has a 50 percent chance of getting diabetes also.

On average, women should intake 45 carbohydrates per meal and men 65. "We give them a specific budget on what to eat with their carbohydrates. Teaching them to be consistent in their eating," Burbee said.

The Diabetic Center is open to more restaurants wanting to join the fight against diabetes.

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