Jefferson City Revitalization

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously passed the plan to revitalize the downtown area on to the city council.  The plan will focus on the Historic Southside, particularly the Old Munichberg District. 

Jefferson City Senior Planner Eric Barron said the idea for the plan did not come from the city at first.

"The plan was actually commissioned by Capital Region Medical Center," he said. "They recently completed a major hospital expansion and were looking outside the neighborhood and thinking of ways to improve the neighborhood that they're located in."

Barron said the center stepped forward as an institutional sponsor of the plan.

"They went through a significant public involvement process, held a number stakeholder meetings and meetings with the public to develop a comprehensive plan for how to improve the Old Munichberg South side neighborhood," he said.

If approved, the city will make improvements to different streets such as Lafayette street and Dunklin street, making them safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. It would also create a new park near Wears Creek with more recreational facilities for the neighborhood to use. 

Another part of the plan is a rental conservation program to help improve the property value in the area.

Barron said the rental conservation program is something he looks forward to.

"The most meaningful impact of the plan is really upon quality of life," he said. "Particularly quality of life for the residents of the area that live there but don't necessarily own property so the improvements to the rental stock is something that I personally would be excited about."

Barron said the future is looking up for the Southside.

"I'm very excited about it," he said. "The Southside area, particularly the old Munichberg and the core Dunklin street where much of the plan is focused, is a strong piece of Jefferson city's history."

The plan is a long term one that may take up to twenty years for its full completion.