Jefferson City's Budget May Fall Short in 2013

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JEFFERSON CITY- Jefferson City's 2013 budget may be tighter than some expected. Officials are predicting the budget will fall one to two million dollars short in 2013.

The decreased spending money comes from 50 businesses in Jefferson City that do not have the required business licenses. They owe Jefferson City money. The city can no longer rely on cell phone companies making large back-tax payments because they are all caught up on their audits. 

Jefferson City's finance director is calling the 2013 budget a disaster, but City Administrator Nathan Nickolaus said the budget isn't unexpected. Nickolaus isn't expecting cuts in services or employment.

Nickolaus plans on sending his draft of the budget to Mayor Eric Struemph in a few weeks. The final budget for 2013 will be presented to the Jefferson City council in July.