Jefferson City safety

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City Board of Education's safety and security committee held a meeting Tuesday afternoon about the safety of students. Topics of discussion included security, threat assessment, active shooter training and drill schedules.

With the recent Stoneman Douglas shooting in Parkland, FL, the board agreed active shooter training needs to be a top priority, and happen more often than it already does.

"More you often you have training, the more ready you are," said Michael Coute, member of the safety and security committee.

The committee agreed active shooter drills should take place in Jefferson City schools quarterly instead of every semester, and within the first week of summer school. The Jefferson City Police Department is also involved with the drills, teaching a "RUN. HIDE. FIGHT." method.

Transportation safety and security coordinator Michael Underwood says the school district will use SafeSchools, an e-learning module, to better train teachers and faculty in the event of an active shooter, among other threats. 

"The e-learning is a new piece to this ongoing training as well as the numerous webinars that I've sent to the principals," Underwood said. "I believe our teachers and our staff are very willing to sit down and watch them because they want to be comfortable and secure in that type of a crisis situation."

The committee said there will be numbers on all windows and exits of Jefferson City High School by the end of the semester so in case of emergency, JCPD will have an easier time locating a potential threat.

The Jefferson City Board of Education safety and security committee plans to meet quarterly.