Jefferson City School Board Discusses New School Plans

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City School Board met Tuesday to discuss how well residents understood the new academy-style program.  The program will be put into place for the new Jefferson City High School.  David Luther, Media Relations of Jefferson City School Board said, "Its like freshman year of college.  You get the basics of knowledge from all subjects, but you get to test out one specific track," said Luther.  Students for example would have to take the basic science, math and english classes, but if they were interested in engineering, would take english classes with an engineering emphasis. 

Luther said the board did a phone survey of Jefferson City residents to see if they understood the program.

At the board meeting, Luther presented the results of the survey and said it is far from what they wanted.  He found residents who are not associated with the school do not understand the new program. 

"We have a lot of work to do.  It is not surprising that parents of student are more informed, but we need to inform the other residents as well," said Luther.

Once the community understands the program better, the school board members will apply for a bond to start building the school, and will sell the old buildings.  The total cost of the new school will be about $70 million, Luther estimates.  The school board hopes to have the new school done by 2014.