Jefferson City School Board Does Not Discuss Failed Tax Levy, Bond Issue at Latest Meeting

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JEFFERSON CITY - In its first meeting since a measure to fund a new elementary and high school failed, the Jefferson City public school board did not discuss the measure other than to thank board members for their cooperation.

The measure was brought to the April ballot unanimously by school board members, and was voted down overwhelmingly by Jefferson City residents.

The measure included a 79 million dollar bond issue for 20 years and a tax levy. The tax levy would have been $.25 and the bond, $.30. It would come out to about $104 extra dollars each year for a person who owned a $100,000 home.

Superintendent Brian Mitchell says he does not know when a new plan would be revealed.

Board president Joy Sweeney said it will take effort with the community to move forward.

""The need still remains and we want to work together to come up with a viable solution that's great for our whole community and successful for our students," Sweeney said.

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