Jefferson City School Board Increases Budget for School Employees

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City School Board voted unanimously Thursday night on a budget increase for school employees.  The budget results in just under two percent increase, which is equal to just over one million dollars.  The raises for school employees are based on a system and not performance.  An example would be a teacher getting a raise for another year of teaching because he or she moved up a tier.  The amount of money spent on those raises is just over $872,000. 

The budget is not looking to increase or reduce the amount of teachers in the school district.  Summer school programs are also getting a raise. They have not seen a raise in about five years according to Chief Financial Officer Jason Hoffman. 

Hoffman said this raise is beneficial for the school district because it puts the money back into school employees, and good teachers are vitally important for the school district. 

The school budget agreed upon projects the school district will spend more money than it receives until the year 2017. But Hoffman said he's not worried because the school district has $20 million in reserves to get it through the next five years.