Jefferson City School Officials Address Rumors of Threats

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COLUMBIA - In wake of the tragic shooting that occurred in Connecticut last week, several schools in Missouri said Wednesday they are now dealing with rumors circulating among students.

In Jefferson City, school officials are addressing rumors and threats that have many students on edge. While the actual nature of the threat has not been confirmed, Jefferson City officials said Wednesday that they are in relation to the Connecticut shooting and the Mayan calendar's "end of the world" prediction.

Jefferson City School officials found out Wednesday the identity of a student at Simonsen Ninth Grade Center they believe to be the source of one rumor, but are not releasing the name.

Assistant Superintendent David Luther said appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken towards this individual.

"We've had rumors floating around the schools for the past day and a half. Almost everything we think is based primarily on what happened in Connecticut, the tragedy in Connecticut. Our principles are being incredibly diligent as well as our staff across the district."

The school district sent an e-mail to parents that addressed the rumors and various school safety issues.

Click to read the message Jefferson City Public Schools released.