Jefferson City schools kick off the new school year

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JEFFERSON CITY- Some students and teachers in Jefferson City were be back in the classroom Monday morning as other teachers begin the new school year celebrating outside of the classroom.

Jefferson City Public Schools held its JCPS Opening Session at 9 a.m. at the Miller Performing Arts Center. The event is a tradition more than a quarter-century old.

A pep rally with a ribbon cutting and speakers were on the events' schedule, but administration officials were tight-lipped about other details of the event to ensure school staff would be surprised.

JCPS start classes Thursday, but some private school students started Monday.

Helias High School juniors and seniors were among those that started Monday. Helias freshmen and sophomores will start Tuesday.

Helias' student body president, Maddie Dunkmann, said she's looking forward to the year ahead.

"I'm really excited for our senior year," Dunkmann said. "I'm ready to get the ball rolling for homecoming and just get all the activities ready, and just have a great senior year and make everybody else's year great too."

Dunkmann said a new principal at Helias is not the only new face the students will be seeing.

"We have a few new teachers so we're really excited to see what they bring to Helias," Dunkmann said.