Jefferson City to discuss potential trash cost drop

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JEFFERSON CITY - Citizens discussed a potential decrease to the cost of trash carts in an open house at city hall Tuesday.

If passed, the proposal will lower the cost of 35-gallon trash cart by $2.77 per month. The most commonly used size is a 65-gallon trash cart, and that cost would drop by $3.53 per month, from $18.18 to $14.65.

Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin said this decrease in price is an easy proposal to support.

"It is so convenient for the consumers, for the residents, to know that it would have went down so substantially," Tergin said. "I think everyone would be pleased because, bottom line, that's what they want to know. How much is it going to cost me?"

"Who wouldn't want that? That would be wonderful," said Jefferson City resident Heather Gieck.

Compared to other cities, Jefferson City is one of the pricier places in mid-Missouri for trash carts.

In Fulton the cost of a trash cart is $17 per month per person. In Columbia, the cost for a 65-gallon cart is $15.42. 

Tergin said, "Even the residential that's gone down from $18 to $14 is so huge of a reduction, so I think people will be very pleased to hear that." 

For businesses, they will see a roughly 40 percent price drop if the proposal passes.

"Especially with the commercial end because commercial has a lot more variables. They are offering a few more recycling services than they did in the contract, originally," Tergin said.

Two different companies brought proposals to the city. The first came from the current provider, Republic Services, and the second came from Waste Corporation of America. The city decided to consider the 10-year contract proposal from Republic Services. 

The council will discuss the proposal in its next meeting on Dec. 8. Tergin said the council will likely decide to vote on it then.