Jefferson City to review adding a port along Missouri River

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JEFFERSON CITY - Officials in Jefferson City could soon be talking about building a port by the Missouri River.

The Jefferson City Council gave the green light Monday to a study that will determine how Jefferson City could add a multi-use port to its surrounding area. 

The city approved chipping in $47,600 to the study. Cole County and Callaway County could also chip into the fund. 

"We are working together," Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin said. "Wherever the port is built here along the Missouri River would definitely impact and influence surrounding communities and counties."

Tergin said adding a port to Jefferson City would be good news for mid-Missouri's economy.

"We really stand to have a great economic impact if this happens," she said. "We are an area that is right in the middle of the state. We have the rail, we have highway access and our proximity to St. Louis and Kansas City."

The port could serve water, road, and rail traffic. 

The initial study will look into two possible locations for a new port: an area north of highway 63 between the Missouri National Guard base and Algoa Correctional Center, or an area in Callaway County just south of the Capitol View river access. 

Tergin prefers the area near the National Guard base. 

"The setup is great," Tergin said. "We have the rail, we have the connections there already."

The study will examine a number of elements: how much traffic the port might handle, the potential limits of traffic flow, and the economic outcome of building a port. 

"The time is right now," Tergin said. "There's a lot of support now."

Tergin said she expects the results of the study later this year.