Jefferson City Wants More Money for Road Salt

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Public Works Department met Thursday morning to discuss the need to purchase salt for next winter. 

There are seven storage bins at the East Miller Salt Storage Building and only two are full, which is about 1,000 tons of salt. In order to fill the bins completely, the department needs 2,500 more tons of salt.

Along with buying salt, the department also needs to pay back overtime costs to the street division for last winter.

Britt Smith, Public Works director of operations, said, "We've requested for an additional $50,000 in our overtime budget to cover what we've already expended this past winter, and we've also requested $150,000 to replenish our salt supply."

The total amount the department is asking for is $200,000. That money would allow the department to begin this winter with a full supply of salt. 

The department typically purchases salt after the winter season is over, but last year it did not and started the winter with only 50 percent of its usual supply. As a result, the department ran out salt during the middle of winter and had to make additional purchases.

"That presented a problem and we would like to avoid that in the future," said Smith. 

Public Works did not reach a decision during Thursday's meeting as to how the salt supply and overtime costs will be budgeted.