Jefferson City Ward Changes Left Some Residents Confused

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JEFFERSON CITY - Ward 4 Precinct 1 will vote on a Ward 5 ballot Tuesday even though the polling location had not yet changed. The Jefferson City Council approved the ward boundary change in February making Ward 4 Precinct 1 now in Ward 5.

The confusion came yesterday when residents of the changed ward received flyers on their mail boxes that said they are now part of Ward 5. Some residents were confused if they were to go to the usual voting location or another location to vote.

One 5th Ward resident Victoria Warren, said she had no idea she was in Ward 5 until seeing the flyer,  giving her less then 24 hours to learn about candidates she would be voting on. 

Warren said, "I had not even studied the candidates because there are no contested wards except for Ward 5 for city council candidates, so I hadn't even looked at the candidates because i didn't think I needed to."

The confusion was not the only problem with the voting process today. Cole County Clerk Marvin Register said few people were voting.

Register said, " This in the number of years that I have been in the office, which is nine, this is probably going to be the smallest election I have ever seen."

He said he thinks people are just not interested.