Jefferson City water main repaired for National Infrastructure Week

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JEFFERSON CITY - Nate Hart works with water every day as a supervisor for Missouri American Water. He said it’s something people take for granted, especially in Missouri with its access to an “excellent water source” - the Missouri River.

In honor of National Infrastructure Week, Missouri American Water is showcasing a project near Missouri Boulevard and Dunklin Street in Jefferson City on Wednesday.

“We’re in the process of retiring our 10-inch main and putting in a 12-inch main underneath the creek at about 25 feet,” Hart said.

The project includes outside contractors, including people like Phil Poirier, who helps inspect water mains with IMP Inspection Services. Poirier said restoring water mains is just as important as keeping roads and bridges up to date.

“If you’ve lived in a city environment all the time, you don’t have the same experience of someone living in the country on a well,” Poirier said. “If your power has ever gone out and you are without water for a day or two, you certainly will appreciate the quality of water.”

The typical lifespan of a water main is between 60 and 80 years. Hart said in order to ensure future generations continue to have access to clean water, Missouri American Water stays proactive with their projects.

“We don’t wait for something to break,” Hart said. “We plan ahead to make sure that it’s fully functional for the generations to come.”

He said he encourages everyone to make a conscious effort in conserving this resource.

“All of us can be a large part of conserving water,” Hart said. “Sometimes we take it for granted. Turn off the water while we’re brushing our teeth or take a shorter shower.”

Missouri American Water is spending over $200 million in this upcoming year to upgrade water infrastructure across Missouri, with Jefferson City specifically receiving $6 million for its projects.