Jefferson City Will Continue Funding JCTV

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JEFFERSON CITY - Following a week full of discussions about a budget shortfall, this week the Jefferson City Council voted against a resolution to terminate funding for JCTV, the government access channel operated by Lincoln University.

The money from Jefferson City makes up the vast majority of JCTV's operating budget, and Station Manager Gloria Enloe said without it, the future of the station would be in serious doubt. "We don't really have any other huge sources of revenue," Enloe said. "Without funding from the city, I'm not sure where JCTV would get revenue from."

Amid budget troubles, Jefferson City Councilman Shawn Schulte proposed a resolution to terminate the city's relationship with Lincoln University in regards to JCTV. However, opponents to the resolution on the council outnumbered its supporters 6-4, ensuring another year of funding for the government access station. However, funding from the city now equals $110,000, a 33 percent decrease from previous years. Enloe said more than 90 percent of city funding goes toward three full-time salaries.

The decrease in funding, according to Enloe, means the city will sustain JCTV for eight months, leaving the station four months to raise enough money to continue operating. Enloe said she hopes Lincoln University will contribute to help keep it running, but the station will use fundraisers such as barbecues and a 5K run to bring in additional revenue.

Councilman Bryan Pope, who voted in favor of terminating Jefferson City's funding of JCTV, said the city should focus on protecting the jobs of city employees before it considers the jobs of city contractors. "I felt that at this point in time, we may have to decide between, or among, city employees or employees of people we contract with."

Pope added that with Jefferson City's current budget shortfall, many of the city's employees will be questioning their job security while the city funds less essential programs.