Jefferson City will host Memorial Day air show

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JEFFERSON CITY -- Thursday morning the Public Works and Planning Committee decided to host the 2019 Salute to Veterans Memorial Day Airshow in Jefferson City this morning. 

The show will be held at the Jefferson City Memorial Airport on Monday, May 27th. The show has taken place at the Columbia Regional Airport for the last 30 years, but next spring there's expected to be construction there.

"The meeting was extremely positive and we expect everything to keep on moving forward," said Britt Smith, Operations Division Director for the Airport. 

Smith said he would likely go to the airshow if it was in Columbia anyway, but he is excited it is in his hometown.

"It's fun to go over to the neighbors and have a party, but it is also fun to have one in your own place," Smith said.

Jamie Melchert, Strategic Communications Director for the Missouri Veterans Commission, said change will also be beneficial to the Jefferson City veterans who want to see the show. 

"In Jefferson City here, we have the Missouri National Guard Headquarters," Melchert continued. "We do have a large military community."

Melchert said some members of this community will attend who normally don't go to the Columbia Airport. 

"No matter where it is, you will still get to see the aircraft. You will still get to see the power and the might of the aircraft flying overhead," said Melchert. 

This will be the first time in the airshow's 30 year history it will not be in Columbia. 

"I look forward to it every year. It's not very often you can go to a place in mid-Missouri and see military aircraft not only from all across the forces, but across time as well," Smith said.