Jefferson City Works to Renew Sales Tax

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JEFFERSON CITY - Very little will change if Jefferson City residents vote to renew the current half cent sales tax. The biggest change comes from the projected total of money generated from the tax. It's now expected to bring in $26 million over the next 5 years, and $15 million will be directed to public works projects. These range from road and sidewalk repair to stormwater control infrastructure.

Steve Schlueter, the city's Director of Finance, said "We've pretty much mirrored the percentages of the distribution of the funds for each department as the original tax five years ago."

The current proposal gives public works 59% of the funds. Public safety would get 19%. Parks projects would get 10%. Information technology would get 2%, and 10% would go toward contingency.

The public will vote on the tax renewal on August 2nd.