Jefferson Junior High Adding Security After Assault on Campus

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COLUMBIA - Jefferson Junior High School officials said Thursday the school is upgrading its security after an assault occurred on campus Wednesday.

Columbia Public Schools officials said to ensure student, staff and visitor safety, security officials will be assigned to campus in the mornings and after school. In addition, police will establish regular patrols throughout the area for at least a few weeks. Finally, students are being asked to travel in pairs or groups at all times.

Community Relations Coordinator Michelle Baumstark says these measures are necessary both to keep students and staff safe and to keep them calm.

"Certainly, this is something that is very alarming to Columbia Public Schools and especially to the Jefferson Junior High School students and staff. And we really want to emphasize that we want our campuses to be safe," Baumstark said.

These measures are currently temporary, but Baumstark says Jefferson Junior High and other schools are currently working to adopt longer-term security protocols.

"Columbia Public Schools has a security budget in place, but additionally we'll be working with our community partners like the Columbia Police Department to ensure that our campuses stay safe," Baumstark said.

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