JEFFTRAN holding open house to discuss proposed changes

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COLUMBIA - JEFFTRAN will host an open house Tuesday to discuss proposed changes to the city’s existing bus routes.

The open house will take place at 2:30 on Tuesday afternoon at Jefferson City Hall. This will be the city’s second and final open house. Transit Director Mark Mehmert said the first one in August was productive.

"We had quite a response. We had a lot of folks come through and give us some good input so we're looking forward to this one," he said.

Despite mostly positive reviews, Mehmert said the city is mindful of the effect the changes could have.

"There's also some give and take in a route reconfiguration that's part of the deal," he said.

The proposed changes did receive some negative reviews during the first open house, but Mehmert said people negatively affected by the changes would still be able to easily access bus stops.

"We believe that the areas that we are proposing are not as prevalent of coverage currently. It will still be easy to do some walking to and from," he said. "It's just around the edges moving resources from one point to another. It's not serving a certain area of the city. That's not the case at all. We will still be serving all areas of the city."

Jefferson City resident Patricia Washington, who said she rides the buses every day, is not concerned as long as the busses continue to work properly.

"They do okay," she said. "As long they get us from point A to point B that's all that matters," she said.

After the open houses, a finalized proposal will be sent to the Jefferson City Council

"We are hoping to get more public input and hear what folks have to say. More reaction and that way we have good information for the council to make a decision," Mehmert said.

If the route reconfiguration is approved and passed, Mehmert said the transition could begin in December.