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JEFFERSON CITY - Local residents met Thursday at the Jefferson City business incubator in order to participate in "Jellyweek 2013." Jellyweek is a worldwide event dedicated to entrepreneurs, workers and innovators. It began as a European event in 2011 and has since expanded. Jefferson City entrepreneurs decided to join the event for the first time this year. The business incubator is a center dedicated to helping small businesses get up and running.

Software engineers, website developers and other members of start-up businesses met this week to bounce ideas off of each other and assist one another in developing their businesses. David Frahm works as a Carfax software developer by day, but also works on his own projects in his free time. The group gives him an opportunity to work with other people who have similar projects in the making.

"Jellies," as the working groups are called, are meeting around the world this week, keeping updated with other jellies through Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The Jefferson City jelly keeps a Twitter wall to keep updated with jellies across the nation and overseas. Members meet between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. until Friday and anyone who is interested in getting help with an entrepreneurial project or small business is welcome. The group meets at the Jefferson City incubator at 411 Madison Street.