Jewish organization asks people to \"spread love\" amid negativity

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COLUMBIA - A Jewish organization, Chabad, was out in MU's Speaker's Circle Thursday afternoon attempting to "spread love" among the negativity on campus. 

The organization set up a "Spread Love" board where students could pin a positive statement saying what they pledged to do in order to show positivity.

MU's Chabad President Paul Kodner said that it was time to switch things up.

"Especially being a minority on campus, one thing we're tired of, is the constant hate spread on campus," Kodner said. "Let's try and show that even with different things going on, it's not a scary place."

Members of the organization said that religion played no part in their reason for starting the movement or within the movement itself. 

One student said that she's surprised that something like this even had to happen. 

"No matter what anybody's beliefs are, that doesn't mean you need to hate them for it," Meredith Miller said. "You need to respect them for them and their beliefs. You can disagree with them all day long, but don't turn to hate even though it's so easy to."

Members stayed in Speaker's Circle from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. collecting the positive notes.