JMac Camp

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KIRKWOOD, MO -- This time last year, former Mizzou wide receiver Jeremy Maclin suffere from an illness for months. Doctors tested Maclin for lymphoma and he wondered about his football future. Now, a healthy Maclin gets set for his fourth season with the Philadelphia Eagles. KOMU 8's Ashley Zavala reports how Maclin is committed this summer to sharing his love for football with children.

Former Mizzou and current Atlanta Falcons line backer Sean Weatherspoon talked to us about the camp experience: "The best thing about the camp is the difference from the way they do the drills from day 1 to day 2, already today I've seen so many kids come out here and look so much better in their drills and their really excited and they're being coachable, and that's something they'll need throughout their journey if they want to play ball."

Jeremy Maclin said, "When I first got into the league it was all about giving back; it's something that I love doing, I love working with kids, I love seeing the look on everybody's face, being able to reach out and help kids be successful."

"I love what Jeremy is doing here.. He's giving back to the area where he grew up... showing the kids that he's pulling for him and that's great and as NFL players you should do that," said Saiah Mares, Maclin's manager. "So many NFL players working with them throughout the day and working hard to affect change and really make them better football players and better people. They really speak from their heart. It really just makes for a genuine experience."

Saiah talked about the professionals and said, "They play football as their job.. the kids are out here having fun, so they're able to see that element of it, they're able to have fun with football again, that is the greatest part about it. I think that they're out here having so much fun and you see the smiles on their faces just like you see the smiles on the kids faces."

Maclin says he wants to continue hosting camps ever summera dn wants to work with children when he's done with his football career.