Job Point receives money for renovations

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Economic Development awarded $7.3 million to nonprofit's through its Neighborhood Assistance Program this week. Job Point is one of the 37 places approved for the program this year.

Job Point is an employment and career development center that has helped participants similar to Aaron George.

"I try to talk every single one of my friends in here because it's such a blessing you know in our community you know to help people that are struggling," said George.

Before starting at Job Point being on the news was never a good experience for George. 

"I've been on the news for negative things, such as charges that have been filed against me or prosecuted with, but never for something that was uplifting or that looks good or that my family isn't disappointed about," said George.

Through the Neighborhood Assistance Program businesses making contributions to the approved programs will receive partial state tax credits. Job Point will use the proceeds for renovations to their 30-year-old building including accessible bathrooms and fixed AC units. 

"The efficiencies and operations allows us to spend more on our clients," said Job Point CEO Steven A. Smith. 

The more spent on participants is what George is looking forward too.

"If they could make it a bigger building and have more people in the program it's just more people that are able to better their lives," said George.

There is not a timeline yet for the renovations.