Jobless Rate Down Around Jefferson City

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce said Thursday it has measured a decrease in the number of jobless people in the counties surrounding Jefferson City.  Cole, Callaway, Osage, and Moniteau counties all showed lower jobless rates.

"Many people think the decrease in the jobless rate is due to preparations for the holiday season," said Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce Community Development Manager Mark Mehmert.  "We really don't know what exactly casuses it.  In this particular case, we think the labor force got bigger and the number of people who actually found jobs increased causing the jobless rate statistics to go down."

The Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce found that the jobless rate in August 2011 was 7.2% compared to the 6.4% in September 2011.

Mehmert said mid-Missouri's jobless rate is actually lower than the state and national unemployment rates.  He said jobless rates decreasing around this time of year is usual and typically evens out after the holiday season.