Jobs looking to be filled under the Missouri One Start Program

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JEFFERSON CITY - The "Missouri One Start" Program is aimed to make Missouri's job training resources easier for employees and businesses to use. 

The House Workforce Development Committee met today to hear the bill that would make improvements to the job training program. 

The bill previously passed through the Senate and had no oppositions in today's hearing. 

"The One Start Program and this bill are going to help upscale our workforce and it's just another tool in our toolbox to be able to insure our workforce is meeting employers needs," said Kara Corches, Missouri Chamber director of legislative affairs.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development identified several jobs that aren't being filled in mid-Missouri. 

"We have jobs that are open in Columbia, in particular we have really low un-employment rates," said Rob Dixon, Department of Economic Development Director. 

The program is designed to compete with nationally ranked programs. 

"If we're going to help our companies succeed and businesses are going to continue to grow, we need skilled workers," said Dixon.