John Anderson Golf Event Hamms It Up With Jon Hamm

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COLUMBIA - The 2nd Annual Anderson Family Charities golf event brought out the stars and the mid-Missouri heat.

ESPN's Linda Cohn said, "Sauna would be more like it. Stepping into an oven is also like it, but you know what, I love it."

It wasn't just a bunch of people haming it up. Mizzou grad and Golden Globe award winning actor Jon Hamm came with a beard, but it didn't keep him incognito.

"I just figured it wasn't hot so I'd try to layer on another degree of difficulty in the humidty," said Hamm.

For the out of town celebrities, the trip back to Columbia brings back memories.

Hamm said, "I had a great time when I went to school here. I love Columbia, still a lot of good friends here. It's amazing to me how much the town and the campus have grown up since I've been gone."

Former Missouri Tiger football player Mel Gray, "I remember leaving California and coming to Columbia in August I never knew how cold it was going to get and the biggest coat I had was a windbreaker. So, when it got down to two degrees I had a problem."

John Anderson has no problem raising money. The proceeds stay in Columbia with the food bank's buddy pack program. This year, Anderson added Joplin to the fundraiser.

Anderson said, "We're going to give 10 grand to Joplin and then the school supply drive. We got 150 people. We've got them captive. Bring a pencil and let's help Joplin."

A few players even helped their golf game.

"It means there are either people that love to play golf in 100 degree weather or there are people that love Mizzou like Michael Kim and Jon Hamm or there are people that just really want to help," said Anderson.

So, how does he make the event bigger next year?

"85 and cloudy," quipped Anderson.