Joint Communications Recognized for Emergency Excellence

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COLUMBIA - A representative from the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) recognized Columbia/Boone Public Safety Joint Communications Thursday as an Emergency Fire Dispatch Center of Excellence. With that, the Boone Joint Communications achieved fire accreditation.

The dispatch center is the 26th center to receive the award worldwide. Center employees earn the award through an extensive application process that takes a few months and must follow the 20 requirements of accreditation.

According to an IAED representative, compliance is the most difficult step to achieve. Emergency calls are reviewed by a third party company and evaluated based on how well employees followed the answering guidelines.

"It's kind of like a road map for answering a call. Based on whatever the person is reporting the dispatch employees have a very specific way to direct and control calls," explained Operations Manager, Brian Maydwell.

During the award ceremony, the Boone County Commission voted to make April 17 the new official Public Safety Communications Appreciation day.