Joplin Fund Raiser Concert

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COLUMBIA - Three bands from Columbia Public Schools hosted a benefit concert for Joplin relief Wednesday at The Blue Note. The concert began at 7:30p.m. and guests donated $5 at the door.

The bands "the RP's", "Battlement" and "Table for Five" performed throughout the evening to raise money for Joplin Freeman Hospital Relief to rebuild Joplin High School. After a battle of the bands competition in May, the winning band, "the RP's," decided to host the concert for Joplin relief.

David Gardner-Dale, guitarist and singer for "the RP's," said that the tornado hit right after the competition.

"If we can play music, doing what we love to help out, that's awesome," said Josh Blyth, singer and drummer for the band "Table for Five."

Dalton Maggard, keyboard player for "the RP's," went to Joplin after the tornado. "Pictures don't really even describe what's actually happening there," Maggard said.

Despite the hot weather, having the concert on a Wednesday night, and the smaller audience for high school bands, Phil Overeem, English teacher at Hickman High School and supervisor for the event, hopes that the students will raise between $500-$1000 for Joplin relief.