Joplin High School Set to Finish in One Year

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JOPLIN - Steel beams form the skeleton of the new Joplin High School set to be completed exactly one year from Thursday.

Joplin High and Franklin Tech students will walk through the doors of the new building next year. The building spans more than 450 thousand square feet.

The 2011 tornado leveled both campuses and the new facility will house students from both schools. The high school section will be full of Eagle pride while the Franklin Tech section will feature mascots from schools across the area.

Joplin Junior Tess Harmon will be part of the first class to graduate from the new high school in 2015. She said her feelings go beyond excitement.

"It's also kind of an honor because Joplin schools has kind of been a symbol for Joplin rebuilding for the past two years," Harmon said.

Harmon entered the high school Thursday in Northpark Mall for the first day of her junior year.