Joplin: One Year Later

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JOPLIN - It was a day of somber memorial in Joplin on May 22, the one year anniversary of the EF5 tornado that killed 161 people. A "Unity Walk" was held through the three mile stretch that the tornado ripped through a year ago. KOMU 8 was there covering the event live and has the story, through sound, of the people of Joplin:

 "I lost my son Christopher Lucas on May 22 of the Joplin tornado."
"I was actually on the air that day so I remember talking about it earlier in the afternoon talking about the possibilities of what was to come and to actually see it happen was devastating, you know."

"These are the last remaining pieces of my home."

"He was helping people get to the basement and he didn't make it."

"My son's stick. He died in the tornado and this was his stick and I'm just using it just to have him close to me."

'He was an amazing son before what he did on that day. That's just who Chris was."

"We can choose to wallow and pity and fear or we can find the courage to persevere"

"To support each other and not to relive necessarily but to come in unity and show their support."

"It makes you feel like you're close to him again and we just miss him."

"It has been invigorating for our community. It's literally breathed new life into our community and for what people see on the inside it's amplified that much more for people like us on the inside who are still here."

"We are united and we are determined that this city will soon be better than ever."

"If you would, please stand as we prepare for a moment of silence."

"I wanna bring these balloons here to let Lantz know that we all miss him and love him."