Joplin Relief

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JOPLIN - The Walgreen's located on 20th and Main Street in downtown Joplin started out as a triage unit, but has slowly converted into a centralized hub for aid where tornado victims can receive food, water, medication, tetanus shots, even diapers.

"It looks like everything is getting directly to the people," Jeana Wilcox, a volunteer nurse, said. "It doesn't appear to be a lot of red tape for people to get stuff."

"And you can tell, just the look on their face that they may not need anything physically, but just a hug to get out there and give them that emotional support to let them know that they still have people out there caring about them," Chris Gossman, a volunteer who is directing aid at the Walgreen's, said.

Gossman says while everyone is excited about helping now the challenge is sustaining that energy in the future.