Jordon Geiser

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COLUMBIA - Jordon Geiser is a typical boy. Like a lot of 11-year-old boys, Jordon Geiser loves playing baseball. But last June, Jordon's typical life took a tragic turn. "We went to St. Louis Children's Hospital and they confirmed that it was a large diffused B cell lymphoma, a type of cancer," Jordon's father Kenny Geiser said.  

The upcoming battle against cancer was difficult for Jordon's little sister, Lauren Belle. "I was really sad because I didn't know what was going to happen and I didn't know if he was going to make it or not," Lauren Belle said.

Chemotherapy posed a tough challenge for Jordon, but he never let it get to him and fought through with a smile on his face. "Well, it just made me feel really sick, but I had to go with it because if i didn't just go with it then it would be just like giving up," Jordon said.

Jordon could not imagine life without sports. "I would just hate to not be able to play baseball and basketball. I would just be devastated."

And to his doctor's amazement, Jordon joined his love of sports with his fight against cancer.
"So he probably played 30 games, basketball games, throughout the year while he was on chemo and 10 pounds lighter, didn't have any stamina, was still productive on the floor. So I mean there's just no quit in that kid," Jordon's father Kenny Geiser said. 

This February, about eight months after the battle against cancer began, Jordon was cancer free.

And his incredible comeback has been an inspiration to his little sister. "It's like he can do anything now. I'm not positive he can do anything now, but I'm just excited that he made it through it," Lauren Belle said.  

Jordon's had an impressive return to baseball. His on-base percentage this season is about .900 and he steals around four bases per game. "After they told me it was all gone, I just felt invincible," Jordon said.

Jordon has been playing with a medical port right above his heart; that port comes out Friday, August 3, 2012. Jordon's baseball team, The Outlaws, got third in July's Show-Me State Games.