Josh Hawley calls on McCaskill to release family tax returns

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COLUMBIA - Attorney General and Republican Senate candidate Josh Hawley came to a Columbia business Wednesday as a part of his Working Tour. 

Among discussing topics such as border control and health care, he announced that he released almost 60 pages of family tax returns and called for Senator Claire McCaskill to do the same. The two are facing off for Sen. McCaskill's seat in November.

“Voters have a choice, they need the information they deserve to make that decision," Hawley said in a conference call.

McCaskill has released two pages of her individual tax returns. According to McCaskill for Missouri Press Secretary Eric Mee, "Claire has filed separately from her husband since they met and will not be releasing his return. Her family’s finances are fully and properly disclosed on her 61-page personal financial disclosure.”

Hawley said she should release her families tax returns in entirety. Political ads from the National Republican Senate Committee attack Sen. McCaskill's husband. The ads claim McCaskill votes on federal housing subsidies while her husband is a partner at a low-income housing organization. A McCaskill response ad cites a article saying the NRSC ad is misleading.

When asked about Trump not releasing his tax returns, Hawley said that Trump is not running right now, McCaskill is. 

The event Wednesday was hosted at Moresource, an employee solutions company. Hawley took a tour around the facilities and spoke with Moresource employees.

Katt Cunningham, the owner of Moresource, said it is her civic duty to host events like this.

"It's important for that exposure, number one for him to show he's really trying to do the right thing by business," said Cunningham. "I think it is really nice for that business owner to see our legislator come into our businesses and show that they really care."

After the tour, Hawley said McCaskill has become out of touch. He said that this is the “time to have a senator who will fight for Missouri”. 

Hawley will travel to 100 places in Missouri to meet "middle-class Missourians" and rally voters for the senate race in November.

Sen. McCaskill visited the University of Missouri campus Tuesday for her Your Vote Counts campus tour.

There will be a forum Friday in St. Louis where both will be in attendance.