Josh Hawley starts senate campaign

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KANSAS CITY - Attorney General Josh Hawley will start his senate campaign this morning with public sign-making parties throughout Missouri.

Hawley will start in Kansas City, followed by an afternoon event in Springfield and finishing the evening in St. Louis.

"Hawley has never been afraid of taking on the big and powerful to protect Missouri families." said Kelli Ford, press secretary for the Hawley campaign. "He’s running for U.S. Senate to fight for our middle class way of life."

Hawley declared his candidacy for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in October 2017 and has been the Republican Missouri Attorney General since January 2017.

If Hawley wins the Republican primary in August, he will be running against incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill. 

President Trump will visit Hawley Wednesday in the St. Louis area for a fundraising event.

McCaskill campaign spokesperson Meira Bernstein issued a statement regarding Hawley's campaign.

"The contrast in this race is clear -- Josh is busy looking past his present job except to protect his donors and friends. Claire won't let anything -- or anyone -- stop her from getting things done for Missourians," Bernstein said.

The primary election will be in August 2018, followed by the senate election in November.