Judge: "no bond" for three defendants in DeBrodie case

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FULTON - The two caregivers responsible for Carl DeBrodie will remain in jail after Judge Kevin Crane denied their bond Friday. 

Anthony R. Flores and Sherry Paulo face the most charges out of the five defendants, including involuntary manslaughter. Their attorneys argued the two are not "flight risks," but Crane denied their bail and ordered a bond investigation to determine their level of risk.

Another defendant, Anthony Flores Jr. was also denied bond. And, the fourth defendant in court Friday, Shaina Osborne, still needs a defense lawyer. 

The judge also ordered a hearing for all parties to agree on a trial date. 

Rudy Veit, the attorney representing DeBrodie's family in the civil suit, said he trusts Crane's expertise to determine the defendants' flight risk. 

A former caretaker of DeBrodie, Mary Martin, said she was disappointed she did not see the defendants in person today. 

Martin came to the previous arraignment on Monday, June 11, where four out of the five defendants also appeared in court over a video conference.

"I want them to see me, I want them to know that we loved him and what they did was wrong," she said. 

Martin, however, was pleased that Flores Sr. and Paulo were denied bond. 

She said if she could say anything to them, she would ask them why.

"Why? Why did you have to let him die?" Martin said. "Just call 911, you could have slid through the paperwork on it. You  didn't need to let him die." 

DeBrodie, who had a mental disability and limited communication skills, was reported missing from Second Chance Homes on Claymine Drive on April 17. His body was found a week later encased in concrete at a Fulton storage unit. 

On the same day DeBrodie went missing, a new owner took over care at Second Chance Homes, where Paulo and Flores Sr. worked.