Judge Sentences David Hosier To Death

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JEFFERSON CITY - A judge sentenced David Hosier to death Tuesday for the 2009 murder of Angela Gilpin. 

Hosier was convicted on October 23 for the September 2009 murder where he shot and killed Gilpin. He was also suspected of killing Gilpin's husband, Rodney, but has not been convicted in for that crime.

Court documents said that Rodney and Angela Gilpin were separated, but trying to make amends. During their separation, Hosier and Angela were in a relationship, but Angela had been trying to end the relationship for two months.

The jury suggested the death penalty in October, and the judge agreed Tuesday.

Before the sentencing, Hosier's legal team made one last-ditch effort to overturn the conviction, by asking for a new trial. They claimed the jury never saw any evidence as to a burglary, much less a burglary committed by Hosier. In addition, they pointed out inconsistencies in court documents given to the jury. The judge struck down this motion, however, and told the defense they could save it for an appeal.

Angela Gilpin's mother and brother then took the stand to give statements on Angela.

"Angie had a lot of life to be with her family and it was taken away I will never understand," said Robert Eichholtz, Angela's brother.

"I buried my daughter because of this man's deed. No parent should ever have to do that," said Barbara Eichholtz, Angela's mother.

Barbara also added that while she may not live to see Hosier executed, it was still satisfying.

"I realize at 75 I'll never live to see him put to death. But I'll still have the satisfaction of knowing that will happen," said Eichholtz.

The judge also sentenced Hosier to 15 years each for charges of burglary and armed criminal action, and seven years for a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Hosier was also given 15 years for the burglary charge, seven years for the charge of unlawful possession of a weapon, and 15 years for the armed criminal action charge.