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COLUMBIA - Wednesday, July 6 is the last day for Missouri voters to register for the upcoming primary election on August 2, 2016. 

The Elections Division of the Office of the Secretary of State administers statewide elections. Missouri voters can go to govotemissouri.com to register for the first time, or verify and update existing registration information.

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander said his office had made Missouri the 16th state in the country that allows voters to register online, facilitating the process. Missouri residents also have the option to request a physical application by mail, or register in person at their County Clerk's office. The deadline for all application is 5 pm. Mail must be postmarked before the 5 pm deadline to be valid.

"As a veteran myself I look at every election as an opportunity to honor my fellow veterans who fought for their right to vote, and I encourage every Missouri citizen to do the same by exercising their right to vote. the first step in doing that is to make sure that you're registered," Secretary Kander said. 

Kander said he believes 2016 will show higher registration numbers than previous years. "One thing that's very clear is that it's certainly an election cycle that has a lot of interest." 

"Generally in Missouri, turnout is higher in presidential election years, but obviously that has a little more of an effect on the November election than it does for the August election, but we're very hopeful there will be a robust turnout in both," Kander said. 

The most recent statistics from 2012 counted over 4 million registered voters in the state, according to the Missouri Election Authorities.  Voter registration was at a high in 2008, at 4,205,774 registered voters. 

To qualify to register for the August 2 primary, one must be at least 17 and half years of age, a US citizen, and a Missouri resident.