Jurassic Park adviser speaks at local science expo

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COLUMBIA — Over 1,200 people were in attendance at the fifth annual "Dinosaurs and Cavemen Science Expo" on Saturday. The University of Missouri hosted the event at Rock Bridge High School.

This year's event featured an adviser for "Jurassic Park." Jack Horner worked as a technical adviser for all of the "Jurassic Park" films and made a cameo appearance in "Jurassic World."

He discussed "Dinosaur Accouterments: Why Dinosaurs Had Horns, Spikes, Plates and Other Paraphernalia."

Horner said movie sets are not very glamorous.

"As weird as it sounds, most people are just fascinated with movies and they all like to meet the director and they all like to be on a set. It's actually really boring. There's nothing exciting about being on a movie set because you can't even tell what's really happening. It's put together in such a piece-meal way," he said.

All ages were welcome to attend the event. Younger kids were able to map a fossil quarry, re-create cave painting and make dinosaur tracks.

Horner said getting younger kids involved with dinosaurs helps start critical thinking.

"Kids love dinosaurs and it's often times one of the very first introductions to science. When you have kids in the audience it's great to actually talk about how we do science, how we need evidence to make hypothesis and put our ideas together," Horner said.

The National Science Foundation sponsored the event.