Jurors hear new testimony in Jefferson City murder trial

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jurors heard testimony from four more people in the ongoing murder trial involving Paris Alexander-Henderson Thursday.

A year ago Henderson confessed to shooting 32-year-old Bryant Sturkey on April 25, 2015.

Dr. Carl Stacey, a forensic pathologist for Boone County, was the first to take the stand Thursday. Stacey described the autopsy he performed on Sturkey and showed jurors photos of his findings.

Stacey showed graphic photos of the three gunshot wounds found on Sturkey's body. He said Sturkey was shot in the abdomen, thigh and lower left back. Sturkey died from excessive bleeding from the gunshot wound to his abdomen, according to Stacey.

Sturkey also had injuries to his forehead, eyelid and elbow which he likely sustained from falling in the street where he was found, Stacey testified. Sturkey did not have any injuries to his hands, Stacey said, showing he likely did not fight back against Henderson.

Stacey also noted a Sturkey's toxicology report showed he had around 2 alcoholic drinks the night he was murdered.

Curtis Fink, a Jefferson City Police Department detective, took the stand next. Fink said he was the second person to respond to the crime scene. Fink also testified he searched Alexander-Henderson's apartment and car with his permission.

In his search, Fink said he found a loaded semi-automatic handgun, a cell phone and a t-shirt matching the suspect description. Shattered glass and bullet shell casings could be seen in plain view in both the front and back seats of Alexander-Henderson's car, Fink said.

Teresa Clerkin, a JCPD evidence technician, was the third person to testify Thursday. She said she searched Sturkey's clothing from the night of the murder. Clerkin testified there was a holes in the lower thigh and pocket of his sweatpants and one hole in his sweatshirt.

JCPD Detective Jon Kempker also took the stand. Kempker said Alexander-Henderson consented to havng his phone searched and a gun residue kit test.

Kempker also said the phone had an outgoing text saying, "Dude is dead." Kempker said the text was sent moments before Alexander-Henderson was taken into custody.

Alexander-Henderson initially said his brother fired the shots. His brother also initially claimed he was the one to shoot.

Kempker said he believed Alexander-Henderson fired the shots because of evidence and statements so he told him to be honest. Alexander-Henderson eventually admitted to shooting the victims.

The trial is expected to continue though Friday.