Jury Recommends Death Penalty in Hosier Trial

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JEFFERSON CITY - The jury in the David Hosier murder trial recommended the death penalty Friday.

On Wednesday, a jury convicted David Hosier of killing Angela Gilpin. Hosier is also suspected of killing her husband Rodney in their Jefferson City apartment in 2009.

During closing arguments, prosecutors told jurors when Hosier took a life, he forfeited his own.

To recommend the death penalty, the jury said the prosecution proved two aggravating factors in the case. The first was a prior conviction for battery. The second was the murder of Angela Gilpin was committed while committing the murder of Rodney Gilpin.

"To give a life sentence on this case would be truly a grant of mercy," said the prosecuting attorney. "Justice must be done."

During the defense attorney's closing argument he said, "He's never again going to be in a situation where he can harm a woman."

Both the prosecution and defense finished their closing arguments around 11 a.m. The jury broke for lunch and began deliberating whether Hosier should be sentenced to life in prison without parole or receive the death penalty. The two options on the table for Hosier's sentence were life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

The family of Angela Gilpin gave KOMU 8 News a hand-written note with the following statement: "The family is pleased with the jury decision of guilty on all counts. The death penalty decision for sentencing is the only correct action and is supported by the family, and justice is served. We're just sorry it has taken four years to happen. We thank and appreciate the time the jury has given to this case." Gilpin_Family_Statement.jpg

A formal sentencing date has not been set.