Juvenile detained in connection with Jefferson City murder

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JEFFERSON CITY-  A 16-year-old has been detained following the April murder of 63-year-old Jerry Robertson of Jefferson City.

In the murder, Robertson suffered wounds from blunt force trauma and medical professionals could not revive him.

Jefferson City Police detectives followed leads and interviewed anybody who could be a person of interest to figure out who committed the crime. This led to police detaining the 16-year-old.

JCPD Capt. Doug Shoemaker said the department is pleased with the progress so far, but there is still work to be done.

“These things, once completed, sometimes take a little more time during the detention. Just have to figure out some of those things. We are happy with where we are, but there’s always more to the story and we want to try to figure that out,” Shoemaker said.

Brandon Owens, who lives on Robertson’s street, said this crime concerned him about his neighborhood.

“Pretty close to home man, kind of scary,” Owens said.

He thinks there has been a change in the look of the neighborhood in the past month.

“It could have changed a little bit in the neighborhood. I see a lot of cops down here now so maybe they’ll patrol the area a little bit more,” Owens said.

Due to the individual detained being a juvenile, his identity is not being released.

Shoemaker says it is unknown if the individual will be charged as an adult or juvenile if found guilty of second degree murder and armed criminal action.